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Frequently Asked Questions

These are just a few of the questions we often get asked. However, if you have a different question, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask.  Once enrolled, you will be contacted monthly  and updated as necessary regarding these questions and other school policies.  

How do I enroll my child?
The first step in enrolling your child is to fill out our application form and bring it to us anytime between 9am and 4pm, Monday through Friday.  You can download and print he form here.

When is enrollment?
Our enrollment officially begins in February each year, but we have rolling admissions all year long for classes that are not filled.

What is the Student/Teacher ratio?
Our student to teacher ratio is 8:1 or less. Your child will have two lead teachers and at times a teacher assistant.

Do you have toilette training requirements?
Our two-year-old and two and half year-old program do not require potty training. You will provide diapers and wipes for your children, and we will help you with potty training at school when they are ready. Our three-year-old through five-year-old program does require potty training, but if you have concerns or questions please ask the administrative staff for additional accommodations. Staff encourages “potty breaks” and accepts toileting accidents as normal in this age group.

What are your current health and safety protocols?
All of our CNS staff members are strictly abiding by the protocols issued to us by the Health Department. That being said, we believe we are the safest, highest quality, and cleanest place for your children to be.  However, it is impossible to guarantee that there will never be an infection at our facility. Throughout the course of the day, our staff members will be cleaning and sanitizing frequently and monitoring the children for any signs of illness. We are compliant with all universal precautions as required today by the Health Department.

Is CNS a religious school?
We are a fully licensed pre-school, affiliated with The First Christian Church of North Hollywood. Our children attend chapel with the head of children’s ministries once a week, and the children pray before snack and lunch each day.

Do you teach the children about religion in class?
CNS does not have a religious curriculum, but it is incorporated through their day during prayer before snack and lunch, and at chapel once a week.

Do we have to be Christian in order to enroll our child in CNS?
Not at all!  We accept children and families of all faiths and religions to our program.

Is CNS a nut-free facility?
Yes, CNS is a peanut free facility. If your child has other nut allergies, we will make your child’s classroom a nut-free class

Is your learning curriculum play-based or academic?

CNS has a play based curriculum focusing on their social and emotional development. We create age-appropriate classroom learning environments based on the fundamental premise that children are active learners. Our curriculum plans are designed around interest themes and presented through a variety of indoor as well as outdoor activities. Daily experiences include: Music & Movement, Science Exploration, Language and Literacy, Creative Art, and Pre-reading and Writing Activities.

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